These cards are a way of life, and they are earned and cannot be bought!   They will get you in to many shows free of charge, give you discounts on drinks and deals on others and even free pool on a Sunday!  You can bag one by being around the place a lot.  Sure, that’s fine but it’s effort… We get that.  There is another way…

Let’s give you some insider information right now.  Each year, our team members are allowed to give out 5 VIP cards to a person of their choosing. What we suggest, is to be real nice and even go as far as to bribe them for one!

For those of you who already know the team members at the Mighty Imperial, you’re probably going to have an easy time with this.  For those who don’t keep an eye out and we’ll eventually be sticking team member bios up and you’ll be able to figure out what they’re into from there.  Also, follow us on Facebook for more life hacks… or, ya know. to stay updated with what’s going off!  CIAO!